Dan Aussem has led a life of serving his community and has no plans of stopping anytime soon. Dan is currently the Commissioner of Public Property tasked with overseeing the water and waste water departments. He has held the office of Ottawa City Commissioner for over a decade and has served his community in numerous ways that go above and beyond his elected position.

Dan is a large supporter of community unity – he has led teams during United Way’s “Labor of Love” home rehabilitation program, helped organize events such as “Freezin’ for a Reezin” and the “Month of Milk” campaign supporting the local food pantry, and is a founding member of Ottawa First, a non-profit that collects donations to support the local Fourth of July celebration.

Dan started his career as a Local 386 iron worker out of LaSalle, Illinois. He knows the importance of the Union Brotherhood and has served on multiple boards that support those ideals. He was elected Business Manager of Local 386 in 1994. He has been the President of the Illinois Valley Building Trade Council, President of the Iron Workers District Council of Chicago and Vicinity, and Executive Director of the Illinois Valley Contractor’s Association. While holding these offices he has gained valuable experience as a Management Trustee dealing with pension funds and health insurance funds.

Dan and his wife Sue have been married 43 years. Together they have raised 5 children in Ottawa and are now grandparents to 8 grandchildren. Dan takes pride in his families’ hometown and strives to continue to serve the people and community of Ottawa.

As the 2019 Mayoral race begins please consider supporting Dan Aussem. He has always put community first, has been an advocate for the people, and has shown fiscal responsibility time and time again. A vote for Dan is a vote for a positive future for Ottawa!